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Welcome classic video gamers!!!

Welcome to the website for the Kingston Classic Video Game Bazaar. This is shaping up to be the MUST ATTEND video gaming event in Kingston this year. We hope to see you there.

Do words like Intellivision, Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System, Turbo Grafx-16, and Sega Saturn make the hairs stand up on your arms when you hear a stranger mention them?? If so, you may need help. You have come to the right place my friend. Read on...

Considering how popular retro-video-gaming has become these days, it seems totally appropriate for there to be a place where video game fanatics both young and old can meet with fellow enthusiasts and collectors to buy, sell, trade, and talk about video games both modern and vintage. The Kingston Classic Video Game Bazaar is that very place!!!!

This type of event is something new for Kingston in terms of events. The idea is to create a place for video game enthusisats to both meet other collectors and acquire new items for their collections. As time rolls on, many of these older systems and games are becoming harder and harder to locate. Many flea markets and thrift shops barely carry any of these types of things anymore. That is why there will be a number of used video game vendors in attendance. Vendors who specialize in acquiring many of the more "difficult to find" video game items.

The Kingston Classic Video Game Bazaar is also a place where you can come to see some of the more interesting and historical video game curiosities on display as well as for sale. For many of us, this is a purely nostalgic obsession. Attempting to re-capture our youth by playing and remembering the video games we loved as children. Be prepared to take a trip back in time when you arrive at the Kingston Classic Video Game Bazaar. There will likely be a few video games you haven't seen since you were young. Competitions and displays are currently in the works so please stay tuned.

The Kingston Classic Video Game Bazaar is a family friendly event so please feel free to bring your children along for the fun. In fact, some children have been known to abandon and discard their XBOX's and PS2's after they have had the opportunity to enjoy some old school gaming. You won't be disappointed and your kids will thank you for bringing them.

So don't be shy!! Click around our "Hit and Missile" inspired website and when your done - book the date in your calendar and start digging out those old boxes of video game treasure up from the basement. You never know. What you may have down there could be a long sought after rarity.


Special thanks to Doc Kaos for his keen interest and supreme web design know-how.

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